General Motors is considering production of a new model truck or truck parts at its Shreveport, Louisiana, manufacturing facility, Dow Jones Newswires said.

“We’re studying a potential future product development” at the site that goes beyond the current capabilities to produce two models of mid-sized trucks there, GM spokesman Dan Flores told the news agency.

Dow Jones said that local reports noted that the addition of a new truck line at the plant could create at least 500 new jobs at the Shreveport plant, which employs about 2,500, and is gearing up to begin producing two new truck models, the Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon, beginning this fall.

Both trucks are built on the same mid-sized truck chassis and are replacing two current mid-sized truck models that have been produced there for some time, the news agency noted.

Flores told Dow Jones that GM invested more than $US800 million at the Shreveport plant to prepare it for the production of the Colorado and Canyon truck models.

A Shreveport official told Dow Jones that GM has been in extensive talks with government representatives regarding the proposed expansion of the Shreveport plant and that state and local governments have said they are willing to offer a series of property tax abatements to entice GM to build a third product line at the Shreveport plant.

David Berezina, senior vice president of economic development for the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, told the news agency the proposals call for a total 10-year commitment that has to provide a minimum of 500 jobs and more than $50 million in investment in the plant expansion.

Berezina told Dow Jones that, at this point, “nothing’s been confirmed and nothing committed to regarding an additional product line other than the Colorado and the Canyon” at Shreveport by GM.