General Motors is recalling 93,572 Oldsmobile Aurora sedans because fuel can leak into the engine and start a fire, the federal government said on Friday, according to Associated Press (AP).

The recall affects Auroras from the 1995-1997 model years and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reportedly said it has received 123 complaints about the problem.

In one case, AP added, a fire started while the vehicle was parked in a garage attached to a home, destroying the car and damaging the home.

The agency reportedly said the fuel is leaking because the nylon tubing used in the fuel rail can degrade and crack.

According to Associated Press, NHTSA also said that DaimlerChrysler is recalling 34,561 of its new Pacifica sport utility vehicles and 14,621 Jeep Grand Cherokees because their engines could stall without warning and cause a crash. Vehicles from the 2004 model year are affected in those recalls.