Following President Bush’s “State of the Union” address on Tuesday night, Delphi Chairman J.T. Battenberg III said that while the company is already a leader among industry-wide efforts to bring fuel cell technology to market, the Freedom Fuel initiative would help accelerate the process.

“We are in full support of the president on his Freedom Fuel initiative,” Battenberg said. “It’s absolutely vital to promote energy independence for the United States while improving the environment, and we believe we can be an important part of the solution. We have been working on development of fuel cell technology and welcome a greater collaborative effort between the auto industry and the US government. The collaboration could help bring these alternative fuel source technologies to market even faster.”

Battenberg said Delphi’s solid oxide fuel cell technology is currently scheduled to come to market during the second half of this decade.

“There is no question that solid oxide fuel technology can make an economically viable auxiliary power solution,” he said. “The Freedom Fuel initiative will help greatly toward this end.”