Ford is planning to add a high-performance version of its five-door Focus car this year in an effort to further fill out Ford model lines and sales in the US. The five-door SVT Focus goes on sale as a 2003 model this autumn. SVT stands for Special Vehicle Team, which develops more powerful, high-performance versions of Ford’s cars and light trucks.

Ford already sells a three-door SVT Focus and expects to produce a total of about 12,000 three- and five-door 2003-model SVT Focus cars.

“Right now, SVT has more product, and better product, than at any other moment in its ten-year history, and our timing could not be better,” said John Coletti, chief engineer of SVT. “We are in the middle of an industry-wide, high-performance renaissance. When I hear about other companies setting up performance shops like SVT, I always think, it’s about time. This is the most exciting part of the business.”