Ford has appointed of Robert Shanks vice president, operations support, finance and strategy, Ford of Europe and PAG.

Shanks, previously chief financial officer for Ford’s Premier Automotive Group , continues to report to Mark Fields, executive vice president, Ford of Europe and PAG.
In his new role, Shanks will continue as CFO for PAG, with increased responsibility for marketing, sales and service issues across the PAG brands, and will oversee Ford of Europe’s finance activities.

Shanks is considered a Ford Motor Company business strategy and corporate-planning expert with extensive global experience.

Prior to his appointment as CFO of PAG in December 2002, he served as CFO for Mazda Motor Corporation. In addition to other finance positions within Mazda, North America and South America, Shanks also has led finance functions in Taiwan’s Ford Lio Ho Motor Company and in Ford’s Asia-Pacific operations.