Ford Motor Credit Company is transforming its sales operations in the U.S. and Canada during the next two years to create an integrated sales platform with 78 new multi-brand sales branches. The new branches will house sales activities for all Ford Credit brands, including Ford Credit, Volvo Car Finance, Primus, Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital Group, Mazda Credit and Commercial Lending Services. Although the operations will be integrated, individual brand identities will be retained, Ford said.
“To remain competitive, we need to respond to dealers and consumers who require improved service and flexibility,” said Mike Bannister, chairman and CEO. “A common business model will give our sales operations the structure and scale they need to provide superior service. It will also help us accelerate technology improvements in areas like standardized credit applications and electronic credit decisioning.”

Seventy-eight multi-brand sales branches will be formed from 163 existing separate Ford Credit, PRIMUS, Volvo Finance, and Commercial Lending sales branches in the U.S. and Canada. Regional sales offices for those brands will also be combined, resulting in 11 new regions from the current 18.

Local dealer support will increase for the Premier Automotive Group finance brands within Ford Credit, which were formerly housed within the 32 PRIMUS branches in the U.S. and Canada. Those brands include the PRIMUS brand, as well as Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital Group, and Mazda Credit, which now will be represented by brand managers and sales support staff in the new multi-brand sales branches.

“The new branches will offer dealers strengthened support when and where they need it,” said A.J. Wagner, President, Ford Credit North America. “Dealers need help on Saturdays and weeknights, and the new sales branches will allow us to provide longer hours. On the people side, this will mean increased opportunities for career development for sales employees, who will be part of a more integrated organization.”

Andrew Menzyk, formerly the President of PRIMUS, is appointed to the newly created position of Vice President, Brand Management, and reports to Wagner. In his new role, Menzyk will oversee a newly created group that will include national brand directors and regional brand managers.

About 3,100 employees work in Ford Credit sales originations operations in North America; an estimated 30 percent may be asked to relocate or change positions as a result of the transformation. All of those employees will be offered jobs within Ford Credit and relocation funds if they choose to transfer to accept a position.

“We have some smaller branches that just don’t have the scale our dealers need to maintain superior service,” Wagner added. “It’s important to note that the dealers who represent more than 70 percent of Ford Credit business in the U.S. will not experience a change in their local sales contact as a result of this move.”

Dealer account managers in markets where branches will close will remain in those markets and work out of their homes. “A continued local presence is critical in maintaining our strong relationship with dealers,” Wagner said.