The plaintiffs’ claim is false that 1983-1995 Ford Motor Company vehicles with distributor-mounted TFI-IV modules (an ignition system component) mounted on the distributor have a stalling “problem,” and nationwide government stalling data prove this.

Government accident reports prove that vehicles with TFI modules on the distributor have been just as safe as vehicles with other types of ignition systems.

Ford has the right to appeal the court’s order. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is the federal agency responsible for motor vehicle safety, is the only organization with the authority to order a recall. NHTSA has investigated vehicles with these modules several times, reviewed the allegations in this litigation, and concluded that the evidence does not indicate a safety defect trend.

We expect this ruling will ultimately be reversed on appeal. In the interim, customers will continue to drive their vehicles, as they have for up to 18 years.