Ford Motor Co. is to recall 709,245 F-series light-duty pick-ups due to a fuel leak problem that may start fires, writes Associated Press (2/11/00).

The recall – involving F-series models manufactured between June 1995 and August 1997 – have mounting brackets not properly installed which could lead to them rubbing a hole in the front fuel line, says the report.

Quoting Ford spokesman Mike Vaughn – citing company experts – Associated Press reports that less than 1 per cent of the vehicles recalled would experience the problem. No fires have been reported, according to Mr Vaughn.

In addition to this announcement, Ford has also issued a recall on its Escape sports-utility-vehicle. Affecting 800 units, the news agency reports that the speed control cable can allow water into the cable, causing corrosion and may result in the throttle sticking.

The recall of the Escape – which went on sale last summer – is in accordance with a government list of recall agreements reached in August and announced on Wednesday (1/11/00), and is the fourth recall to affect the model.

Other problems included certain Escapes not having four-wheel drive although they were built with wheel hubs used on the four-wheel drive version; others that were affected by steering wheel problems that could come off; and a cruise control facility that could have caused the throttle to stick.

Ford has also announced the recall of 172,770 of its Taurus and Mercury Sable cars – model year 2000 and manufactured between May 1999 and July 2000 – with tyre labels attached that do not include information of the vehicle capacity weight and designated seating capacity, says AP.