Ford has announced that it will pay its dealers as much as $1,500 for some of the light-duty F-150 pickup trucks they sell this month in a bid to boost sales. The dealer incentive is being seen as evidence of increasing competition in the US marketplace and a sign of growing concern over softening demand and rising gasoline prices.

According to a Reuters report, Ford spokesman Jim Cain said the dealer incentive was in addition to the $1,500 cash rebate customers are currently being offered for purchases of the all-new F-150, which went into production last September.

To qualify for the $1,500, dealers will have to exceed a monthly sales target set by Ford. They can then collect the $1,500 on every unit sold above their objective, Reuters said. Vehicles sold above a certain threshold but below the sales target receive a lower payout or may not qualify for the cash program at all, Cain said in remarks reported by Reuters.