Motor Company’s tyre recall has now spread beyond North America with the announcements
this week of plans to replace Firestone tyres on about 23,000 vehicles in Europe
and 14,000 in Japan.

According to a report from Associated Press, Ford had earlier said that no
European vehicles would be affected by a massive recall in the United States
because of safety concerns with certain tyres made by Bridgestone/Firestone

Last month, the company recalled 13 million Firestone Wilderness AT tyres because
they fail more often than other tyres. That followed Bridgestone/Firestone’s
recall of 6.5 million ATX, ATX II and Wilderness AT tyres last August.



AP said that the European recall announced on Tuesday affects all 15-, 16-
and 17-inch Wilderness AT tyres used on Ford Explorer and Expedition sport utility
vehicles and Ranger and F-150 pickup trucks built until 1999.

After 1999, a different tyre was used on those vehicles, Ford told AP.

“We have had no problems with these tyres in Europe. It’s only a preventative
action at this time,” Ford spokesman Michael Droste told Associated Press.

The recalled vehicles would be fitted with new tyres, he added.

Droste would not tell AP why Ford waited until this week to recall the European
vehicles, nor would he give details of how much the European recall would cost
the company.

Meanwhile, Ford Japan Ltd said today that it would replace free of charge tyres
made by Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. fitted to Explorer sport-utility vehicles
sold in that country.

Some 14,000 Explorers riding on Firestone’s Wilderness AT tyres would have
their tyres replaced, the company said.

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