Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: Dph) announced today that it has been tentatively selected as a contributing organization to the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMI-C), a group of 12 global vehicle manufacturers formed to facilitate the development, promotion and standardization of automotive multimedia interfaces to vehicle communication networks.

The announcement was made today at Convergence 2000, a premier global electronics forum being held in Detroit.A contributing organization is a supplier partner that participates in the development of AMI-C specifications and is selected by AMI-C based on its capabilities and commitment to the future of the automotive electronics industry.

One of AMI-C’s objectives is to develop specifications for electronic devices and connections that will be interchangeable and interoperable among vehicle models of participating vehicle manufacturers. This will enable suppliers like Delphi to sell the same components to various vehicle manufacturers. Vehicle manufacturers, in turn, will be able to use components from different suppliers.