Delphi has announced that it has signed a ‘teaming agreement’ with Zhejiang DaiMay Polyurethane Co., a Chinese steering wheel manufacturer. The teaming agreement allows Delphi and DaiMay to work together on sales, and manufacturing aspects of steering wheels in the Asia Pacific market.

“Delphi’s agreement with DaiMay promotes our mutual cooperation and opens one more venue for Delphi to supply customers around the world,” said James A. Bertrand, president of Delphi Safety & Interior Systems. “As a leading supplier of integrated safety systems worldwide, Delphi continues to establish mutually advantageous alliances around the world.”

Delphi says that the agreement furthers Delphi’s occupant protection systems business footprint in Asia. Delphi supplies full safety systems – including steering wheels, airbags, safety electronic devices and seat belts – in the Asia Pacific market and around the world to more than 22 major vehicle manufacturers.

“Our ultimate goal with Delphi’s integrated safety systems is to allow occupants to walk away from accidents,” said Lon A. Offenbacher, business line executive for Delphi’s occupant protection systems. “We’re helping make the driving experience safer with each safety system we provide.”

Zhejiang DaiMay Polyurethane Co. has approximately 20 years of experience in manufacturing steering wheels and sun visors. DaiMay supplies several original equipment manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.