Delphi Corporation has secured Dynamic Body Control (DBC) business with DaimlerChrysler’s Chrysler Group for a future application.

Delphi’s DBC family of products includes semi-active or active systems that help improve vehicle stability by controlling a vehicle’s roll response when the vehicle is in a cornering manoeuvre. Both systems respond in real-time to actual or anticipated driving conditions.

The Chrysler Group will utilise an active system, providing Delphi with its first North American application for Dynamic Body Control.

The active system configuration consists of one or two hydraulic actuator cylinders that interact with the vehicle’s anti-roll bars, a power source, a control manifold with integral valves and a pressure sensor, a controller and on-board vehicle sensors which monitor steering angle, lateral acceleration and vehicle speed.

DBC is one of several technology applications used in Delphi’s Unified Chassis Control system, designed to increase vehicle safety, improve ride & comfort.  DBC currently is utilised in Europe on the Range Rover.