A Delphi Corp heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system is being fitted to a European-built light- and medium-duty truck line for the first time.

DaimlerChrysler’s 2005 Atego model line features new technology developed by the parts maker to meet commercial vehicle durability requirements.

“This is an important step for our commercial vehicle business,” said Brad Maggart, global director of Delphi’s commercial vehicle systems. “We have some of the best HVAC technologies for passenger cars in the world, but the environment and the requirements to bring those products over to the truck market are different.”

For the Atego, Delphi is supplying a complete HVAC module including control head and bowden cables. The heat exchanger has brazed, full-aluminium compact technology. The HVAC module is operated with a manual control head for the temperature and flow direction of the air. The blower has four air flow steps and function for air outside and cabin recirculation included in the same control head knob. The minimum module variant has been designed to suit all vehicle variants with the best heating and cooling performance.

“Commercial vehicle customers use their HVAC systems all the time, especially off-road and in the summer months,” Maggart added. “Our technology is designed to last beyond one million kilometres (about 600,000 miles), allowing our customers to get the maximum use out of their systems.”

Delphi and Webasto AG began working jointly on the DaimlerChrysler project in autumn 2002.