DataDot Technology has joined with Nissan North America and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to protect the Xenon headlights of 2002 and 2003 Maxima sedans sold in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern Pennsylvania.

These headlights use an advanced technology Xenon lighting system that has been targeted by criminals primarily in metropolitan areas of New York and New Jersey. Xenon headlights on other makers’ vehicles have also been targeted.

The Nissan “theft deterrent and police support programme” is designed to help reduce the chance of headlight theft on the Maxima and to help catch those who participate in these crimes.

Special securing devices for the headlights have been designed to help discourage removal of the headlights.

A new type of identification technology called “DataDots” is applied to the headlights. These have a unique identifying number that links to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The microscopic dots help track reported thefts and will aid in the prosecution of those caught with stolen parts in their possession. Over 1,000 dots are painted onto each headlight and on other vehicle components. Stickers are applied to the headlights and front door windows so thieves know they risk being caught with identifiable property.

Nissan implemented this programme in areas around New York and New Jersey to reduce the likelihood that these crimes will move to other areas where they are not now occurring. Customers in these states been contacted and Maxima owners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern Pennsylvania have also been notified.

NICB gives law enforcement agencies the ability to conduct extensive searches of stored DataDots information and then cross reference their findings with that of NICB’s comprehensive databases of vehicle VIN and manufacturer shipping and assembly records.