Dana Corporation has announced that it has been selected to supply a recyclable cam cover module for the Jaguar AJ 33 engine, featured in Jaguar XK Sports Cars and S-TYPE Sedans, beginning this year.

The thermoplastic cam cover module will be manufactured and assembled by Dana’s Sealing Products Division at the Plumley Composite Sealing Centre in Paris, Tenn., USA and supplied to the Bridgend engine plant in the UK.
The cam cover module is composed of the cam cover, cam cover gasket, isolation system, and air/oil separation system. Dana also will supply coil covers and an oil fill neck assembly for the AJ 33 engine. In addition, it supplies oil and water pumps for the engine, as well as connecting-rod bearings.

Mike Laisure, president of Dana’s Engine and Fluid Management Group said: “By providing an assembled module, we reduce the number of parts for the customer.”