It has been announced that DaimlerChrysler and T-Systems are implementing the Enigma 3C Platform for dealers and independent repair shops worldwide. DaimlerChrysler’s supersystem Xentry is replacing multiple legacy applications with a single Web-based system that gives mechanics a real-time, integrated view of parts, service, diagnostic and corporate information.

It is claimed that the new system will boost customer support at dealerships through improved maintenance quality and efficiency and decrease the operational costs and complexity for supporting its worldwide network of service and repair workshops.

Enigma is working with three system integrators on the project: T-Systems, which also acts as the project manager, ESG and Syntel. The new solution will support 6,000 workshops in 200 countries.

Under the terms of the deal, Enigma 3C will be used to service the Mercedes Car Group, which includes Mercedes-Benz automobiles and trucks, Maybach, McLaren SLR and smart cars, with options for future expansion to all automotive subsidiaries of the DaimlerChrylser group.
The Enigma-powered Xentry system, with its modules Parts and Repair, will enable mechanics in shops around the world to navigate quickly through a wide variety of content, including service manuals, parts catalogues, labour information, damage codes, customer support records and quality assurance reports, all of which will be tied into the dealer management system and in-vehicle diagnostic systems.

Through the dynamic linking and personalisation capabilities of the software, it is claimed that comprehensive service and support information will be filtered according to the specific vehicle identification number (VIN) being serviced, allowing mechanics to quickly and easily determine the best repair procedures and to order the proper parts. The Xentry system also contains built-in collaboration capabilities that allow mechanics and dealerships to provide direct feedback to DaimlerChrysler based on their real-world experience.
“Our vision for the Xentry system is an all-in-one application that serves as a true communications channel for workshops around the world to deliver service and care for our customers and our products,” said Dr. Peter Neugebauer, Senior Manager Global Service and Parts / Technical Information Marketing of DaimlerChrysler. “With recent advances in technology and the associated increase in customer expectations, the existing service support systems could no longer meet our needs. Enigma, with its extensive experience in aftermarket service and support and a powerful and open platform, was the natural choice for fulfilling our vision.”
Built on an open, J2EE-based architecture, the Enigma 3C Platform pulls content from DaimlerChrysler’s state-of-the-art XML repository, the Daimler Automotive Information System (DAiSY), and creates a single application that is linked to critical front-end and back-end systems. The flexibility of the Xentry application ensures that it seamlessly integrates with the existing environments of DaimlerChrysler dealers, who can access Xentry through the DaimlerChrysler intranet. To support the independent repair shops, DaimlerChrysler will make the Xentry system available as a standalone application over the Internet or via DVD.
“DaimlerChrysler is Europe’s largest company and consistently demonstrates a true commitment to best-in-class customer support based on proven global business practices and superior technology,” said Jonathan Yaron, CEO of Enigma. “Given this track record of leadership, it is no surprise that DaimlerChrysler has such a strong focus on improving the capabilities of its dealers and mechanics, as they play a critical role in building customer loyalty and enhancing sell-through of high-margin replacement parts. The Xentry system serves as a model for how companies can maximize the quality and productivity of the service and support organization and, ultimately, the profitability their business.”