DaimlerChrysler Insurance Company (DCIC), part of DaimlerChrysler Services North America, has announced an alliance with Sentry Insurance that provides North American dealers with a broader insurance product range including a garage package that complements the current floorplan insurance DCIC provides.

The programmes offered in conjunction with Sentry cover non-physical damage insurance needs, such as property, liability and worker’s compensation. Specialised loss control services are also available in the package.

“The alliance with Sentry allows us to provide dealers with a competitive insurance alternative that caters to their specific needs as well as allowing us to further concentrate on our core competence of floorplan insurance,” said DCIC CEO Tom McAlear.

Since January 2002, when DCIC began focusing on the physical damage insurance coverage, dealer take-up has increased. This trend is expected to increase with the introduction of the newly introduced programme in conjunction with Sentry which is available to all Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Mercedes-Benz dealers.

“Regardless of the brand, each dealer has the same general requirements when it comes to their insurance package. We are now in an excellent position to offer our dealers a one-stop shop that covers their diverse needs,” said DCIC operations head Jim Haan.

DCIC began offering insurance coverage to automotive dealers in 1964 and provides complete coverage for new and used vehicles in inventory.