Cosworth Technology has formed an aftermarket product group called ‘Powerworks’.

“Bringing Cosworth Technology’s well known and respected knowledge of performance engine development in[to] this rapidly growing market makes a lot of sense,” said Jonathan Hurden, director of US Operations.

Powerworks develops performance enhancement products and systems, especially supercharger systems, for vehicle power trains ranging from four cylinder two-litre engines up to large eight cylinders engines (five+ litres). The products are claimed to be better than the competition with more horsepower and simple ‘plug-and-play’ installation.

“We have a quality system capable of maximising horsepower and torque, in a package that any weekend mechanic can easily install in their vehicle,” said Rodger Olson, manager, aftermarket products. “Our team is creative, so rather than simply taking off-the-shelf components and integrating them, we design completely new components matched to the specific application. This, in conjunction with our proprietary calibration specifications, is revolutionising the aftermarket supercharger industry.”

Over the next six months, Powerworks will launch two new systems. Distributors and end users will see the first system in November at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas with the introduction of the Focus Force 2.0 litre Zetec supercharger system, which will take the stock engine from 130 hp (manufacturer’s rating) to 220 hp. Early in 2005, in conjunction with the SEMA spring show in Indianapolis, the division will roll out its first supercharger for the light truck market. It will release two to three new supercharger programmes every year.