A new patented ‘clean-burn’ after-market fuel device for diesel engines is claimed to improve fuel economy by at least 10%.

The Turbo-3000D Vada is also claimed to enhance performance and reduce carbon deposits, stack soot, black smoke and toxic emissions. It is said to have been granted patents with 46 claims on the ‘clean-burn’ technology.

When fuel enters the combustion chamber, it must be mixed with oxygen from the air in order to burn. The device creates a controlled turbulence in the fuel. This improves volatility and atomisation by increasing the surface area of the fuel that is surrounded by — and combined with — oxygen in the air.

Combustion efficiency is enhanced by more completely atomising and burning fuel that usually remains unburned — and wasted.

The device is said to improve combustion efficiency in a natural way, without the use of magnets or electrical components. The clean-burn process is also said to help detergents in the oil and fuel remove and prevent carbon build-up and aids in maximum development of power.

The device is expected to become an invaluable option to owners of new emission compliant engines. Its properties are expected to help offset losses of fuel economy and horsepower sacrificed to meet new US emission standards.

The device is precision machined from stainless steel/brass, has no moving parts, and should last indefinitely. Made in the USA, it installs as easily as an in-line fuel filter, and is also claimed to be maintenance-free.