In what Toyota describes as one of the largest fleet transactions yet for its Prius hybrid electric-gasoline car, it has announced that it has delivered over 130 units thus far to the City of Los Angeles.

“The Prius fleet agreement with the City of Los Angeles is an important step in Toyota’s continuing efforts to reduce the environmental impact automobiles have in major cities,” said Ken Camarillo, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) fleet field manager. “We look forward to expanding fleet sales of our hybrid technology in Los Angeles and many other major cities throughout the US.”

The agreement to purchase the vehicles began early in 2002 with an original order of 23 units. Los Angeles bought the Prius fleet for use by a variety of municipal agencies, such as parking enforcement. The city subsequently increased the size of its Prius fleet to its current level and has plans to purchase more units in the future.

The City of New York currently has the largest fleet.

“The fleet purchase of the Toyota Prius is a significant step toward achieving our goal of having one of the cleanest, most-efficient big-city fleets in the nation,” said Jim Bonnville, Los Angeles director of fleet services.

As part of the transaction, the University of Toyota’s Technical and Body Training Development department provided a training course for Los Angeles city service technicians on Prius operation and proper maintenance of the hybrid system.