Chrysler is leaning on its German connections and, perhaps, less than stellar reputation for product quality, by linking its new luxury US sports coupe with its German masters’ homeland: a new advertising print campaign has the tagline: “Dreamed in America. Crafted in Germany.”

The Chrysler Crossfire shares approximately 39 percent of its technology with Mercedes-Benz vehicles and is built by Karmann in Germany (think VW’s Karmann-Ghia coupe; European Kia Sportage. Or perhaps not.)

The photo of the Chrysler Crossfire in the debut ad was taken at a test track in Papenburg, Germany, approximately one hour from the Karmann facility.

Chrysler expects to sell just 9,000 Crossfires in 2003 and can build 20,000 annually.

The company will surely be hoping the Crossfire does better than its last European effort – the TC coupe done in conjunction with Maserati which managed just 7,300 sales in three years.