Blaupunkt ‘s MP3 radio, now available on several models of the 2003 Ford Focus, provides drivers with premium sound quality in AM/FM or CD/MP3 mode, and can play as many as 250 songs from a single CD.

The Ford Focus is Blaupunkt’s first North American, original equipment MP3 application.

MP3 technology allows the driver to play compressed music files that have been pre-recorded on a CD-R. The MP3 compression process offers the advantage of storing more CD-quality music files on a single disc without noticeably compromising the sound quality.

Blaupunkt’s MP3 radio delivers superior sound quality in FM or CD/MP3 mode through the use of the integrated equaliser.  Individual equalisation profiles are available for different types of music, such as rock, pop, disco, classical, jazz and vocal.  Drivers can personalise their radios to their individual preferences based on their musical tastes.

Blaupunkt equipped the radio with an oversize dot matrix display to emphasize the MP3 file features.  Track number and MP3 play time, as well as the album name, song title and artist’s name, are shown in the four available display lines. 

In tuner mode, the display provides easy-to-read radio data system (RDS) information, such as the name and call letters of AM/FM stations and radio presets.  The large screen enables drivers to more easily navigate through radio menus. 

The unit’s two rotary knobs, in combination with the intuitive screen layout, give the driver quick menu command and easy navigation through MP3 song files, CD audio tracks and manual AM/FM tuning.

The unit, which offers 80 watts of total power, is currently only available as original equipment on the 2003 Ford Focus. 

Blaupunkt plans to offer the MP3 Radio to all North American passenger car, light truck and sport utility vehicle manufacturers in the future.