BFGoodrich Tyres is recalling 46,000 passenger and light truck tyres after internal checks alerted it to a condition initially affecting ride quality, but which could possibly result in steel belt separation if not remedied.

To date, there have been no accidents or injuries reported and no property damage claims filed. However, the company believes there may be problems with up to 3,500 tyres, representing six tyre brands and is recalling all potentially affected tyres produced during the same period.

“This decision was made based on six tyres returned from service prematurely after consumers experienced tyre vibration, noise and ride comfort issues,” said Michel Default, quality director for BFGoodrich Tyre Manufacturing. “Based on our analysis of these returned tyres, we’ve discovered an issue with one of the semi-finished products sent to our Fort Wayne, Indiana facility and used in the production of up to 3,500 tyres at the end of the 15th week and beginning of the 16th week (April) this year. That issue has been addressed and corrected.”

BFGoodrich Tyres informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on September 27, 2004 of the US recall campaign and is beginning to advise dealers, wholesalers and consumers potentially impacted. All recalled tyres will be replaced free of charge.

The recalled tyres have Department of Transportation tyre identification numbers which begin with DOT BF and end with the last four digits 1504 or 1604.

All of the recalled tyres were produced in week 15 and 16 this year (April 11-24) at Ft. Wayne and include BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Liberator, Medalist, Phantom and Prospector brands.