After last week’s Prius recall to fix engine software and this week’s announcement of Japan’s biggest-ever recall to fix headlight switches, you’d think Toyota had had enough of repair programmes to last for a while.

But it has now had to publicise a recall of some models of the US-only Scion brand’s tC sport coupe after reports that a glass wind deflector, located near the sunroof (usually called a ‘moonroof’ in the US), may shatter when struck by road debris.

According to The Associated Press, the automaker said the recall involves about 71,000 2005-36 model year vehicles.

Toyota reportedly said the wind deflector tilts up when the sunroof is opened and could shatter when struck by road debris and separate from the frame at highway speeds. In the worst case, pieces of the wind deflector could fall onto motorists inside the vehicle, causing injuries or distractions.

The recall, announced on Tuesday, is expected to begin in late October, AP said.

According to the news agency, Toyota said three reports have been filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and customers could reduce the likelihood of the deflector shattering by not opening the sunroof until the vehicle is repaired.