As gas prices continue to fluctuate, people cannot ignore the increasingly familiar wallet pinch each time they pull in to pump. The Internet’s absolutely free source for gasoline pricing,, offers hope on the horizon.

There are differences in gas prices from corner to corner, from the east to the west, from the north to the south, and in the media. allows consumers to realize the price differences that occur within the same neighborhood and even from the same brand gas station. helps consumers find the best spots to fill up for trips across town or across the country. Just enter a location, and get the lowest price. “We will empower people at the gas pumps to make informed buying decisions,” Bradley C. Proctor, founder of GasPriceWatch, Inc. said. is a powerful website that provides instant online information of the lowest price gasoline, relative to the consumer’s location anywhere in the U.S. By providing the consumers the ability to search their local gas stations for the lowest price, their hard-earned dollars can be spent more wisely. Research has shown that prices in the same town vary as much as $.20 per gallon, sometimes from the same fuel company. was launched March 11 in Dayton, OH at the 25th anniversary of Computerfest(TM), the largest computer show of its kind. “We built the website with the thought that if we made it happen, people would help spread the news.” said Bradley C. Proctor, “We currently have price spotters in 45 states, but, we need your help to get the word out to the public so they can join the fight for savings.”

The Mission

GasPriceWatch, Inc.’s mission is to become a voice for the consumers. As more concerned consumers join the campaign ever increasing savings will be seen across the nation. Just by entering the prices from the few stations that you pass every day, we can all take part in saving ourselves and everyone else money. In 1999, 118 billion gallons of fuel were sold in the U.S., GasPriceWatch, Inc.’s goal is to save the consumers 1 cent per gallon, putting over 1 billion dollars back into the economy.

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