Amerityre Corp’s full-size non-pneumatic [no air] passenger car tyre has passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 129 testing. The tyre is made from a proprietary polyurethane elastomer compound.  In April 2005, the company said its temporary/spare tyre for compact to mid-size vehicles had passed the same standard. 

FMVSS 129 is the applicable US safety standard for new, non-pneumatic tyres that must be met before the tyres can be offered commercially.  As a result, its tyres are now eligible for use as spare tyres on about 90% of all passenger cars produced.

Amerityre was founded in 1995 by Richard Steinke. Prior to starting Amerityre, Steinke was involved in developing polyurethane technology for ski boots, running shoes, skateboard and roller blade wheels, wheelchairs and scooter tyres. Amerityre’s first major breakthrough was closed cell polyurethane foam – a lightweight material with load bearing capabilities. The company currently manufactures and markets a range of ‘flat free’ closed cell polyurethane foam tyres for bicycles, wheelbarrows, hand and utility carts, ride-on lawn mowers and golf carts. Its polyurethane elastomer automotive tyre development began in 2001.

Amerityre believes the newly developed tyres will provide consumers with a more reliable temporary/spare tyre. The company says drivers won’t need to worry about losing air pressure in these tyres. They will always be ready in the event of a flat tyre.