Visteon on Tuesday said Visteon UK, consisting of three manufacturing plants, had filed for administration with the UK High Court under the Insolvency Act 1986.

The administration order places the subsidiary under the control of court-appointed administrators from KPMG. It includes plants in Basildon, Belfast and Enfield employing about 600 people to make automotive interiors, climate and powertrain components.

There in no effect on other Visteon operations including the engineering services subsidiary which employs about 400 people at the UK customer and technology centres.

“Despite extensive restructuring efforts, the UK plants have continued to incur substantial losses. Regrettably, having exhausted all options, the Visteon UK board of directors had no alternative but to file for administration,” said Visteon Corporation chairman and CEO Donald Stebbins.

Stebbins added, “Addressing the unfavourable financial performance of our UK manufacturing operations is an important step in positioning the company for future success. Visteon maintains strong engineering, development and services capabilities in the UK, and continues to serve global vehicle manufacturers through our broad manufacturing and engineering resources throughout Europe.”

The appointed administrators from KPMG are James Tucker and John Hansen who will deal directly with Visteon UK employees and other stakeholders regarding the administration.