A Toyota-GM joint venture plant that has operated for 25 years will be liquidated by the end of August after GM said earlier it would pull the plug on a model built there for its doomed Pontiac brand.

GM said last month it would drop its ownership stake in New United Motor Manufacturing Inc (NUMMI), as it restructures its operations under bankruptcy protection.

“We will negotiate with MLC (Motors Liquidation Company aka ‘old GM’) on our intention to withdraw from NUMMI,” Toyota spokeswoman Ririko Takeuchi told news agency AFP.

Japanese business daily Nikkei said Toyota was expected to talk with MLC and its unions on the timing of the firm’s closure and treatment of its workers.

The plant also produces Toyota vehicles such as the Corolla and Tacoma pick-up truck but Toyota has plenty of other capacity elsewhere in North America.

NUMMI is also the automaker’s only unionised plant.