Porsche has said that in April it sold 3,248 vehicles in North America, 10% down on the record level achieved in the same month last year. The hit was taken on the Boxster series.

Sales of the Cayenne were up again. In April, 1,075 vehicles of the new Cayenne were delivered to North American customers, 9.4% up on last year.

At 1,307 vehicles, deliveries of the 911 were almost flat on last year and Porsche said demand for the 911 Turbo was ‘especially pleasing’. In the first four months of the year, growth of 12.2% was recorded for the series as a whole.

Of the Boxster series, 866 vehicles were sold in the USA and Canada in April, 509 of which related to the Cayman and the Cayman S. Overall, the series declined by around 33% year-on-year.

Analysts say that Porsche may not be immune to signs of a cooling off in the economy and especially the housing market, with a number of high-end brands already feeling a demand squeeze. Competition for the Boxster has also intensified lately. The big question marks surround the Cayenne SUV. How long will sales hold up in a segment that is in decline?

As one analyst put it: ‘What if pretty well everyone in the US who wants a Cayenne has already got one?’