OnStar , a subsidiary of General Motors , has launched the OnStar FAMILY LINK pilot for subscribers to locate their vehicle’s exact location.

The service is planned mainly for parents to check the location of their teenage kids driving the family car.

To use Vehicle Locate, subscribers log onto the Family Link website and navigate to the Vehicles tab and click on Locate. Once the vehicle has been located, the vehicle’s icon will be shown on the map.  Additional location details can be seen by hovering over the vehicle.

Users can also set up text message notification or e-mail notification to know the position of their vehicle. It also offers an option to choose the day, time and frequency of the alerts.

About 10,000 owners of OnStar-equipped vehicles are being invited to participate in the pilot program.

Future considerations for the pilot include Speed Alert, Boundary Alert and Arrival/Departure Alert. Subscriber interest and comments from the pilots will guide decisions for launch and pricing of this service, OnStar said.

“Our subscribers have asked us for a solution to help them stay connected to their family when they’re on the road,” said OnStar President Linda Marshall.

“What parent hasn’t asked their teenaged driver to call or send a text when they arrive somewhere, only to not hear from them? Family Link’s Vehicle Locate feature lets a parent check on their child’s progress or help determine when he/she might be home safe and sound.

“That means peace of mind for them and their loved ones while they’re on the road.”

We’re just left wondering whether the kids will be as keen on this as their parents…