Xcelplus International has appointed MAG International as a new OEM distributor of Flextek Flex Fuel Conversion technology.

The US Air Force recently accepted MAG’s bid to provide a new fleet of off road vehicles designed to reduce exhaust emissions. The vehicles will use Flextek technology so they can run on emissions-reducing E85 fuel.

As an OEM distributor, MAG will be marketing Flextek to military installations and other government facilities as well as private off-road vehicle purchasers including farms, refineries, stadiums, hotels, resorts, casinos, amusement parks, airports, building complexes, universities and colleges.

“We are very excited about the purchase and OEM agreements with MAG International,” said Bill Smith, president of Xcelplus International.

“We have been saying for some time now that rising concerns about exhaust emissions and record high gasoline prices will work to make Flextek a household name in fuel conservation.

“The decision of MAG International to use Flextek as part of their military application package marks a major milestone for Xcelplus. Their initial order of 450 plus units is a great start to this new relationship.”