General Motors will sell the next generation Corsa in the US, but will not ship it in from Europe.

Product development head Bob Lutz told Automobilwoche in Detroit that the next generation Corsa would be sold in the US under the Saturn brand [like the curent Astra] and would definitely not be imported from Europe. He would not rule out building the car in the US.

The next generation Corsa is not due until at least 2012. Lutz said he would not consider bringing the current model to the US – he would wait until the next generation model is ready. Automobilwoche noted this meant GM would lag behind Ford which is planning to sell a sedan version of the next-generation European Fiesta [to be renamed Verve] from the end of 2010.

GM imports the current Saturn-badged from Antwerp in Belgium and, due to the weak dollar, this is increasingly becoming a loss-making business.

The next Opel model expected to be produced in North America is the Vectra successor, the Insignia.

Saturn’s current mid-size model, the Aura, shares its platform with the current General Motors Europe Vectra.