A Metaldyne parts factory in eastern Indiana will cut 145 jobs by July after two contracts end with DaimlerChrysler.

The Plymouth, Michigan-based company first announced the cuts last year and then confirmed them at meetings with employees, spokeswoman Marge Sorge told The Associated Press (AP). The cuts will be phased in by the end of July.

AP said Metaldyne makes ball joints, steering knuckles and other chassis and suspension parts at its New Castle plant, which employs about 900 people.

The plant also laid off 187 people last year in the city 45 miles east of Indianapolis, the news agency noted.

Sorge reportedly said other companies are experiencing similar situations as the Detroit-based US domestic automakers go through a time of transition.

Metaldyne was purchased by Japanese company Asahi Tec in a deal completed in January, the Associated Press noted.