Kirk Kerkorian’s automotive industry representative Jerry York has told Automotive News that he believes Ford should offload its Volvo and Mercury brands but hang on to Lincoln.

York, who met with Mulally last month, said he has great confidence in Mulally’s plan to turn around Ford.

His comments will attract attention now that Kerkorian’s Tracinda investment company has increased its stake in Ford.

Speaking hypothetically, York told Automotive News that if it were his call, he would unload Volvo and Mercury.

“I’m very confident that (Mulally’s plan) is the answer, and I think you’ll see that he’ll put Volvo on the market within the next year and a half,” York said in an interview. “There’s no rational reason for keeping Volvo or Mercury.”

York said Mulally did not tell him any of his plans.

York told Automotive News that Mulally is “highly focused” on the Ford brands. “The margins on Lincolns are terrific, and my guess is that’s where he’s headed — he’ll probably keep Lincoln,” York said.