Twenty-five years after the first US made Honda car was exported, the automaker’s Marysville plant built the millionth unit for shipment.

The silver 2013 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan will be sold in South Korea.

Within two years, Honda will become a net exporter of vehicles from North America – exporting more than it imports – as its local production operations in the US, Canada and, soon, Mexico take on a larger responsibility for the introduction of global models sold in multiple countries.

Since 1987, Honda has exported over US$22bn worth of automobiles and components from the US. This includes exports of finished vehicles and assembly kits.

Honda recently began sales of US made vehicles in Korea after the rising yen made exports from Japan uncompetitive. It exports to about 40 countries (Canada, where the automaker has a plant isn’t counted) and shipments this year are expected to reach around 100,000 Honda and Acura vehicles.

Exports began when Ohio-made Accords were sent to Taiwan. A year later, in 1988, the first US made Accord Coupe headed for Japan.

In the early 1990s, US-made Accord wagons and coupes were shipped worldwide, including Europe and Australasia.

The million automobiles to date were worth US$19bn. Kitsets added another $3.24bn.

Other Honda units export US-made ATVs and ‘power equipment’ products like mowers and generators.