Saab’s proposed 100% takeover by Chinese manufacturer Youngman and distributor Pang Da has seen former owner General Motors say it will not agree to existing technology licences or the continued supply of 9-4X vehicles to the Swedish automaker.

“Now we have a more clear understanding of this proposed acquisition, we find ourselves in a situation where we can not allow the new owners of Saab to licence our technology if there is a change of control,” a GM spokesman in the US told just-auto. “That covers the sale of [the] 9-4X, which we build for Saab.

“We do currently supply powertrains and components and that is something we would be open to continuing. It has come down to look at all the different markets and regions around the world where we do business and whether licensing the technology would be a win or whether it would not. We felt it was important to be very clear.”

Saab earlier told just-auto GM had sent a list of questions which it was working through. A spokeswoman added she did not see this “as a setback – we are hopeful we can come to a way forward,” she said.