GM’s Toledo transmission facility has been recognised by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for setting a high standard of environmental stewardship.

GM earned the Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Gold-level Award based on ongoing initiatives that reduce the plant’s carbon footprint.

“GM is a leader in environmental stewardship,” said Ohio EPA director Craig Butler. “GM’s efforts are conserving energy and water, improving Ohio’s air quality and, by making the plant more efficient, benefitting the company financially. Indeed, good environmental policy is good economic policy.”

The state recognised Toledo Transmission for the following actions:

  • Recycling, reusing or converting to energy all waste from daily operations.
  • Meeting the US EPA ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry by reducing energy intensity by 27% in three years.
  • Replacing 3,900 lighting fixtures with 3,600 energy-efficient T8 fluorescent and LED lights, using motion sensors in the warehouse to further conserve energy.
  • Using renewable landfill gas to power 19% of the facility’s energy needs and a 1.8Mw solar array to provide 3% of its electricity.
  • Changing a machined parts cleaner solution to one that performed at room temperature, saving water and energy.
  • Earning Wildlife at Work certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council for a habitat program that attracts a variety of animals and pollinators.
  • Mentoring youth on water quality and how their everyday actions impact local rivers and streams through the GM GREEN partnership.

“This is our community and we believe in being good neighbours,” said Joe Choate, plant manager. “Our people go to work with a sustainability mindset, providing us with innovative ways to build transmissions with less environmental impact.