Ford is considering options for its Swedish luxury Volvo brand “right now” and expects lots of interest, chief executive Alan Mulally has said.

Volvo is in a position where it is a good time to consider alternatives, Mulally told Reuters at a new model launch in Michigan.

“I think that even though times are tough, there are a lot of people who would love to have that brand,” Mulally said. “Even though it is tough, it’s going to work out okay.”

But he declined to comment on whether any companies have approached Ford regarding Volvo which the US automaker has put up for sale.

Mulally also told the news agency he fully supported efforts to address the near-term liquidity issues of GM and Chrysler.

A bailout of GM and Chrysler would bring “a lot of stability” to the battered industry, Mulally said, warning sales would “fall off really fast” if an automaker filed for bankruptcy because the US auto industry is highly interdependent on a network of parts suppliers and dealerships.

He said Ford suppliers have not demanded tighter payment conditions despite a tough environment for the auto industryand warned American consumers would not buy from a bankrupt automaker.

Mulally also said the company’s December sales were in line with projections and that he was confident Ford could achieve its restructuring plan with sales at current levels.