Dana Corporation, the US-based supplier of vehicle systems, has reached a new three-year deal – effective from 1 June, 2011 – with the United Auto Workers and the United Steel Workers.

The agreements were ratified by members of both unions at 20 facilities in the US, 10 weeks before the current contracts expire.

“This contract retains the strong language protecting our work from leaving our USW and United Auto Workers (UAW) represented facilities,” said Jim Robinson, chairman of the USW’s negotiating committee. “We also made significant progress in equalising the wage rates across our facilities and greatly reduced the wage disparity in second wage tiers.”

The USW and UAW began joint negotiations in Detroit in late January for 21 facilities and nearly 4,000 employees.  A tentative agreement was reached a few weeks ago and explanation meetings concluded on Saturday. 

“The entire negotiation process, from bargaining to ratification, was achieved on an expedited and mutually agreed upon timetable,” said Martin Bryant, president of Dana’s light vehicle products group. “More importantly, dialogue from start to finish was characterised by respect for every individual’s economic future and a shared commitment to world-class operations and product quality.”

Dana on Wednesday named a new CEO – ex BorgWarner employee Roger Wood.