Chrysler Group has shifted responsibility for the creative side of its Jeep brand advertising from BBDO New York to San Francisco-based advertising agency Cutwater.

The advertising creative for the Jeep brand was transferred from BBDO Detroit to BBDO New York about a year ago, the automaker said in a statement.

“While the creative work for Jeep goes to Cutwater, BBDO Detroit will remain as the agency of record for the Jeep brand,” Chrysler said.

It added that BBDO Detroit would continue to handle all the Jeep account coordination and integration of marketing initiatives.

“We look forward to Cutwater providing breakthrough creative for the Jeep brand, while working closely with BBDO Detroit to expand our advertising and marketing initiatives,” said George Murphy, senior vice president – global marketing, at Chrysler.

BBDO Detroit, located in Troy, Michigan, had been the ‘advertising agency of record’ for the Jeep brand since 2001. It is also the agency of record for the Dodge and Chrysler brands.