As the US Congress considers support for the domestic automobile industry, a group comprising representatives of Chrysler’s US dealer network will visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday, November 18 and Wednesday, November 19, to discuss their concerns.

The dealers will specifically voice their support for temporary financial assistance for the domestic auto industry.

Thirty-three dealers representing 25 states will make Capitol Hill visits to key Republican and Democrat Members of Congress, as well as to the Bush Administration.

The group consists of Chrysler’s 18-member National Dealer Council, as well as 15 additional dealers who have requested to participate.

Three Chrysler dealer principals will hold a media roundtable on Monday, November 17, to discuss the dealers’ efforts to have their voices heard in Washington. The media roundtable will begin at 12:30 p.m. at the Capitol Hill office of NADA, 412 First Street SE, Second Floor.

Media roundtable participants will be:

Hayden Elder, Elder Chrysler Dodge Jeep(R), Athens, Texas Jim Arrigo, Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep, West Palm Beach, Florida. Chuck Eddy, Bob and Chuck Eddy Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Austintown, Ohio

Following are statements from Chrysler’s National Dealer Council Co- Chairs, Hayden Elder and Jim Arrigo.

Jim Arrigo, Arrigo Dodge Chrysler Jeep, West Palm Beach, Florida:

“On behalf of our 140,000 direct employees, our customers and our communities in all 50 states, Chrysler’s 3,372 dealers’ voices need to be heard. The immediate economic and liquidity crisis confronted by the domestic automotive industry, including our dealerships, is directly caused by and related to the financial/credit crisis. The lack of liquidity impacts our ability to do business, and our customers’ ability to purchase the vehicle. We are very concerned that without immediate support, communities across the country, ranging from big manufacturing states to every small town with a car dealership, will face significant further economic downturn. This is not an issue about Detroit, or three companies, it is about millions of people, mechanics, sales representatives and accountants working across this country whose livelihood intersects with automobile industry.”

Hayden Elder, Elder Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Athens, Texas:

“Chrysler’s dealers strongly support the U.S. government giving immediate temporary financial assistance to Chrysler, General Motors and Ford and their captive finance companies. This is the only way to get customers buying again, and allow the companies to restructure. There are customers who want to buy and dealers who want to stock up, but the financial crisis is making it difficult for them. We are excited about the potential future of Chrysler LLC: From electric vehicles to hybrid pickup trucks to America’s minivans, their product line has great potential.”

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