Chevrolet is to have a new global brand tagline this year: ‘Find New Roads’.

Find New Roads will be used in Chevrolet advertising around the world, beginning in the US this quarter. 

“Find New Roads embraces the spirit of ingenuity that has been in Chevrolet’s DNA since the beginning and it will continue to guide every aspect of our business moving forward,” said Mary Barra, senior vice president of Global Product Development. “We have sold Chevrolets around the world for almost a century, but this is the first time we have aligned behind one global vision.

“As we develop new products our designers and engineers will be empowered to find smarter solutions to address customer needs and make their lives better.”

“Find New Roads will enable the whole company to rally around a consistent theme for the brand, and at the same time serve as an external message that works in all markets,” said said Alan Batey, vice president, U.S. Sales, Service and Global Marketing. “The theme has meaning in mature markets like the U.S. as well as emerging markets like Russia and India, where the potential for continued growth is the greatest.”

The new tagline underscores the importance for Chevrolet of developing its brand values around the world, while also having greater consistency with brand image in the US. In seeking an internally consistent and unifying theme that is also outward facing, there are some parallels with Ford’s ‘One Ford’.