Global supply chain management company, Ceva Logistics today (21 November) announced the award of additional business with Ford to provide a range of logistics functions for the US automaker’s assembly plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

The new Ceva operation – which starts in early 2012 – will include the deconsolidation of inbound sea containers, small lot logistics, returnable container management and transportation to and from the plant.

Ford’s Louisville plant will be responsible for manufacturing the new Escape vehicle which will be coming to Kentucky from its previous home in Kansas City, Missouri. Ceva will be investing in new facilities in Louisville as well as adding jobs to the Louisville area in support of Ford.

“For more than 20 years Ford has been one of Ceva’s most important partners and we couldn’t be happier to see our relationship continue to expand,” said Ceva Americas president Matt Ryan.

“As the US automotive sector builds momentum through innovative models like the Escape, Ceva and Ford are working together to improve operational efficiencies that deliver superior vehicle quality as well as bottom line results.”

Ceva vice president business development and global key account leader for Ford, Kerry Zielinski, said: “We are pleased to be able to grow with Ford in Louisville and support the new Escape. Our services globally with Ford are geared to provide the right solution and designed to manage last miles of the supply chain to the final production.

“Ceva’s team has a strong reputation within Ford for operational excellence and smooth launches. I’m confident Ford will be proud of the selection of Ceva to serve this new operation.”