Ford CEO Bill Ford wants to reduce oil use and has called for the US government to organise an energy summit showdown with car makers and energy companies.

The Ford boss has come forward with plans to base his company on more alternative power, such as petrol-electric hybrids, ethanol, clean diesel and hydrogen, according to USA Today.

He is reported to have outlined his future goals, which were to provide relief to American customers at the pump and lower the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

The US Environmental Protection Agency stated Ford sells the only 2006-model sports utility vehicles rated 30 miles per gallon or more.

Ford also called for government tax breaks and other incentives to companies developing alternative-fuel vehicles and to buyers to avoid price premiums of hybrids, diesels and others.

He said developing and marketing alternative-fuel vehicles would ‘help the bottom line’ and hopes buyers will switch to more energy efficient cars and trucks which go longer distance per gallon, or use non petroleum-based fuel.

Concerned Scientists Union director David Friedman said: “It is important because the head of a major auto company is admitting that things have to change. It’s taken a while to get there, but better late than never.”