The Detroit Big Three CEOs met with President Bush at the White House this week.

The last time they met was November 2006, when they discussed a wide range of issues. Monday’s meeting reportedly focused more on alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies, according to Automotive News.

President Bush has a target of reducing petrol consumption by 20% over the next 10 years through increased use of bio-fuels and increased fuel economy standards.

The Big Three told President Bush that they are aiming that around 50% of the vehicles they sell will be flex-fuel or capable of running on bio-diesel by 2012.

President Bush said: “Right now, most of our ethanol is made from corn. But the federal government is spending a lot of money to try to develop new technologies that will mean that ethanol could be made from wood chips or switch grass.”

Bush has also proposed increasing fuel economy standards by as much as 4% a year, said Automotive News. The Big Three executives have called these proposals too tough in the past, but they were not discussed much in the meeting.