Unipart Logistics has signed a five-year contract to support Jaguar Land Rover’s US expansion in the North East of the country, from a new facility in Mickleton, New Jersey.

Mickleton, a 280,000 square feet aftermarket site, is the first US dual-brand site for JLR, servicing 90 retailers and the Port of Baltimore.

Unipart will employ 100 people to support inbound, outbound, reverse logistics, transport management, facility management for parts and branded goods out of the new site.

Unipart Logistics’ existing services for JLR in North America include running other warehouses across the country, technical first line support, customer service, branded goods, special service orders and retailer inventory management.

“We are proud of our deep-rooted partnership with Jaguar Land Rover,” said Unipart CCO, Claire Walters.

“This, allied to our expertise in supply chain transformation, continuous improvement and digital innovation, has ensured we are well placed to develop Mickleton into a flagship dual-brand facility to enhance Jaguar Land Rover’s continued growth in North America.”

For her part, Unipart Logistics director, North American Market, Caroline Benton, added: “The team in North America are excited to partner with Jaguar Land Rover on this new facility and are looking forward to delivering exceptional service to the retailers in the northeast.”

Unipart has a long-standing partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, managing global supply chain operations in the UK, North America and Asia Pacific.

In the UK, Unipart manages aftermarket logistics and packer operations, branded goods and in-production logistics at the JLR Assembly Centre.

In June, 2021, Unipart Logistics secured a five-year contract to run the new, custom-built, 2.94m square foot JLR Global Parts Logistics Centre at Appleby Magna in Leicestershire, which will open in 2022.