European Commission has proposed that EU legislation be amended to make the installation
of speed limiters compulsory on all large vans, vehicles that have so far been
exempt from such regulations.

So far, only lorries of more than 12 tonnes in weight registered since 1988
have had to be fitted with this technology, but the commission has now concluded
that this rule should be extended to all commercial vehicles of 3.5 tonnes or

Speed-limited lorries are currently unable to go faster than 90 km/h (about

Said Commission transport Commissioner Loyola de Palacio: “It…creates
a level playing field amongst transport operators who will no longer feel compelled
to break speed limits to gain market advantage.

“Lowering the average speed of vehicles results in less, (and less severe),

Meanwhile, the commission has also proposed that speed limiters are made compulsory
for all buses, extending the rule that currently exists for buses of 10 tonnes
or more in weight.

Brussels wants all buses with more than eight passenger seats to be covered
by the regulation, which insists that speed-limited buses should not go faster
than 100 km/h (about 60mph).

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