www.just-auto.com — An article on just-auto.com’s web site laments the passing of the Mini and looks forward to the challenges facing BMW’s New Mini. The original Mini was immortalised by the movie, ‘The Italian job’, and was an icon of the 1960s. It was launched in 1959 and lasted in production for 41 years before officially ending last week. Read the article at: www.just-auto.com/features_detail.asp?art=296

The New Mini, retained by BMW after the messy divorce from Rover in the summer, goes on sale in Europe next year and was officially launched at the Paris Motor Show. But prospects for the new car are clouded by its pricing.

just auto.com Managing Editor, David Leggett, commented: “The Mini was a design classic that was to be hugely influential. It hit a winning formula, but then suffered decades of under-investment.”

Turning to prospects for the New Mini, he added: “The New Mini is a totally different proposition and definitely not cheap and cheerful. Good luck to BMW. If the predictions on pricing are accurate, the new car will need it. The market for small cars is extremely competitive.”

The full article is at: www.just-auto.com/features_detail.asp?art=296

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