VW-bomb.jpg” width=”118″ height=”144″ align=”right” vspace=”10″ hspace=”10″>Volkswagen
has admitted the timing of a publicity campaign in Britain which delivered thousands
of envelopes labelled ‘suspicious package’ was "appalling". The police
have criticised the campaign as in ‘very poor taste’ and VW has apologised to
174,916 customers and potential buyers sent the promotional material after several
people called in the police, fearing it was a bomb.

There is heightened sensitivity to security issues in the UK following a car
bomb attack in London last Thursday and warnings that an Irish Republican terrorist
group, the so-called ‘Real IRA’, may continue a bombing campaign In Britain.

According to the BBC, a VW spokeswoman said the campaign had been dropped and
no more envelopes would be sent.
"We want to reassure everybody that there was nothing sinister in it,"
she said.

"The mailing package was intended to create intrigue. Volkswagen regrets
that this mailing coincided with the Ealing bomb and apologises for any concern
an inconvenience caused.

Volkswagen is working with New Scotland Yard to reassure recipients that the
package is not in any way dangerous or linked to terrorist activity."

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